The last freedom (German)


A book for everyone, not just billiard players! In “Die letzte Freiheit – Reflexionen eines Meisterschülers”, Ralph Eckert reflects on universal themes such as winning and losing, dealing with anger and the power of smiling, dealing with challenges, justice, reality, training, matches, strengths and weaknesses, ultimate freedom and fame without financial reward. In 27 captivating chapters, the former Bundesliga player and 2004 trick shot world champion shares his knowledge as a world-renowned international coach, author and top player.

The book is not only a tribute to his Chinese teacher, but also shows that the principles of the “Karate Kid” can certainly be applied in real life. Ralph Eckert imparts the wisdom of his mentor Mr. Kim, which every reader can use not only on the pool table, but also in everyday life.

Ralph started his own personal “Karate Kid Story” in 1982. As a 17-year-old, he took on the challenges of billiards for the first time, while a bet simmered in the background. When a customer claimed that Ralph had no talent and that he wouldn’t amount to anything, the elderly Chinese owner of the billiard café, Mr. Kim, countered by betting that he could still turn him into a top player. The story took its course… Ralph, a former Bundesliga player, crowned his journey with the title of world trick shot champion in 2004. Today, he is internationally renowned as a coach, author and outstanding player.

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