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The incomparable workmanship, light quality and durability of our Break Pro LED Billiard Light has been appreciated by our customers for years. Whether by day or by night, in the basement or attic – our products offer you an incomparable gaming experience at all times.

Perfect light for stream & play

Our Break LED Pro Billiard Light offers ideal lighting conditions for enjoyable games. The Break Pro LED Billiard Light is also suitable for professional multi-media streaming thanks to its full-coverage illumination without casting shadows.

The high-quality lighting elements ensure that colors are balanced and faithfully reproduced.

Uniform illumination

Thanks to the rectangular base of our Break LED Pro Billiard Light, the light falls evenly over the entire table, leaving no distracting shadows or poorly illuminated playing areas – at any time of day.

This makes perfect use of the 1000 LUX light intensity.

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