Captains Game (Kopie)


The Captains Game was developed to mark the 30th anniversary of the Mosconi Cup. In close cooperation with the European team captain Ralph Eckert, two games were created that focus specifically on improving positioning and safety play. The set contains a total of four World Nineball Tour (wnt.) position targets in the unique design of the European and American flags. By taking part in two special training games, players can collect points and prove their skills in competition with their opponents. In addition to the games, various exercises, in conjunction with the position targets, offer an ideal opportunity to further refine your own game.

  • 2 small position targets
  • 2 large position targets
  • Design based on the Mosconi Cup
  • Captains Game – Position
  • Captains Game – Safe
  • 9 exercises for the right pace
  • 17 exercises for precise safe play
  • 19 exercises for optimal positioning
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Crayon
  • Language: english

Our expertise

With over 30 years of experience, a DOSB B coaching license and his role as a national youth coach, Christian has trained numerous billiard players at different levels and led them to success. His Concept Practice System, developed over many years, is a proven approach that will help you achieve your goals in billiards.

Fabian is one of Christian’s first students and has gone through the entire training program, the Concept Practice System. With this in-depth knowledge and his passion for the sport, he has established himself as a coach over the last two years. Fabian strives to pass on the principles of the Concept Practice System to his students to help them reach their full potential in the sport of billiards.

Our philosophy

Our training methods focus on technique, because we firmly believe that this is the basis for success in billiards. With Christian & Fabian as your coaches, you can be sure that you will learn from two of the best billiards experts in the industry.
Let’s work on your game together and take your skills to the next level. Christian is ready to support you on your way to success in billiards. Experience the fascination of billiards with us!

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